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Tự làm túi đựng mỹ phẩm du lịch
Siêu thị cuộc sống Mẹo lưu trữ thông minh
For women, the storage of clothing, shoes and accessories has always been a problem. Besides, the arrangement that being both beautiful and scientific should be kept in mind. So, how should we go about this? We will refer to some methods below!

Trang trí tiệc sinh động với  cách làm bình hoa kẹo ngọt
By being a little meticulous, parents can make a pretty candy-flower vase to decorate a lovely party making it more impressive and making children feel cheerful.

Cách loại bỏ mùi và chất độc hại trong quần áo mới
When buying new clothes, if we detect unpleasant smells clinging onto our products, this smell is formaldehyde which is a toxic chemical that remains on the clothing to reduce pucker. However, the next process is not rigorous, or after the cleaning process does not clean, the toxic chemical left in clothes affects the wearers health.

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Thông báo tuyển MC
“Sac mau cuoc song” – Talk show for women with useful information for audiences about issues in life such as: Viet Nam’s culture and countries, cuisine, travel, beauty, nutrition, manners in social issues and family… Notification about casting MC for Women Forum begins from today and ends on December 28th, 2014.