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Xúc động trước câu chuyện vượt khó của cô học trò nhỏ trường Tiểu học Bảo Bình Đồng Nai
Until now, “Clean water for children” passed 19 locals and gave presents to children in without clean water areas. Continuing the meaningful journey, 20th episode at 04:40 this Sunday on Let’s Viet channel will bring an emotional story about clean water dream of Phung Hoang Thuy Tien - 5th grade in Bao Binh primary school (Dong Nai).

Xót xa trước câu chuyện thiếu nước sạch của ba bà cháu ở Vũng Tàu
Without clean water, Kim Thuy’s family have to buy cans of water and carry it by bike. About life water, they use from dams where water is opaque, dirty and need filtering... This is a story that “Clean Water for Children” would like to share with audiences at 04:45PM on October 18th on Let’s Viet Channel. 

Cùng vui đón Nước Sạch Cho Em về với trường Nguyễn Văn Tạo
“In recent, my family is drinking water from rain water in water tower, washing water from shrimp moat. In school, I drink water from bottle...” Le Huynh Non - student in 5A3 class of Nguyen Van Tao primary school (Nha Be, HCMC) - a person of “Clean Water for Children” broadcasted at 04:45PM on October 11th on Let’s Viet Channel.

San sẻ ước mơ nước sạch với trẻ em Đà Nẵng
From the first days did “Clean water for children” journey to now, this stop was in Hoa Tho hamlet, Hoa Phu ward, Hoa Vang, Da Nang city made staffs beem difficult, challenging in recording because of the storm. However, after that storm, the joy and excitement of children, parents and teachers of Hoa Phu primary school made staffs forgot the tireness.

Ước mơ nước sạch của trẻ em Ban Mê
“I always advise my children trying to stydy, just studying can help them out of porverty. Although I am in dept goverment much, I can work to pay and save money for my children...” Vu Van Lam, Vu Truong Son’s father said. Son is a main character of “Clean water for children” broadcasted at 04:45PM on September 27th, 2015 on Let’s Viet Channel. Although he is in difficulty, he always keeps happy spirit, non-stop working efforts for children.

Trẻ em dân tộc Stiêng vui đón nước sạch về trường
After stop areas, this was the first time “Clean Water for Children” had chance to communicate with ethnic minority S’tieng people in Thong Nhat ward, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc province. We met and shared difficulties, hardship with Dieu Nua’s family - the next person of this week peogram (will broadcast at 04:45PM on September 20th on Let’s Viet Channel.   

Tiểu học Sơn Đà Ba Vì – Hà Nội đón nhận niềm vui từ Nước Sạch Cho Em
Nước Sạch Cho Em mang niềm vui đến trường An Phú - Hà Nội
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MC Đình Toàn cùng học sinh trường Hoà Hiệp hào hứng tìm hiểu về nước sạch
Nước Sạch Cho Em mang niềm vui đến trường Lê Minh Xuân 3
Nước Sạch Cho Em Rộn ràng ngày hội