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About us


Being proud as a pioneering product of Lasta Multimedia in the TV socialization strategy, Let's Viet is a general entertainment channel that not only features diversified, dynamic and modern contents but also keeps the national value deeply. Being broadcasted nationwide, Let's Viet always presents in top of the most popular TV channels and is a close friend of all Vietnamese families.


Beside the copyright purchase of TV series from Thailand, Korea, China, etc., Let's Viet has impressed audience with its Golden Hours of Let's Vietnamese series produced by Lasta Multimedia itself. Having subject of novelty, attractive arrangement, high human character as well as the presence of well-known actors, almost all films broadcasted by Let's Viet are positively welcomed by audiences and experts.

Until now, there are more than 30 films of over 2,000 episodes being broadcasted. Some of the most noticeable ones are Vong Xoay Tinh Ye), Goi Giac Mo Ve, Mot Ngay Khong Co Em, Cong Mat Troi, Nga Re Cuoc Doi, Ngo Vang, Ranh Gioi Tinh, Lech Pha, Cam Bay Thi Thanh, Ly Bong Mai, Tra Gia, Toi Yêu Co Don,  Phan Dan Ba etc.


In addition to drama series, Let’s Viet broadcasts many attractive programs with diversified forms and rich contents. These programs not only supply practical information in many sectors but also bring joyful and relaxing time to the audiences.

  • Society - Life: Live Let's Café News (Let’s Ca Phe), Rewind the time (Nguoc Dong Thoi Gian), Reality report (Phong Su Thuc Te), World News (Câu Chuyen The Gioi), Woman Talk (Sieu Thi Cuoc Song).

  • Culture - Entertainment: Showbiz News (Nhiet Ke Giai Tri), Saigon by night (Dem Sai Gon – Phong Tra Cua Moi Nha), Bull fighting (Dau Truong Bo), Unexpected incidents (Su Co Bat Ngo)...

  • Sport – Martial art: Car & Sport (Xe & The Thao), U-league (Hoi Thi Sinh Vien Van The My U-League), Live Martial Art – Let’s Viet champion, Thai Fight World Battle...


In the context of the TV game show is more and more expanding; Let's Viet selects its own way: focusing on quality rather than the number, only investing in unique, strange game shows.

Typically, ‘Let’s be millionaire’ (Cung La Ty Phu) – an interactive game show between television and smart equipment appears for the first time in Vietnam. Although just started in 2014, ‘Let’s be millionaire’ (Cung La Ty Phu) program created quickly a "phenomenon" in the community, especially the young viewers who love game show and indulge with the prize “hunt” (as the final prize is very “hot” at a value of 1 BILLION VND). Apart from the attractive interaction as well as a valuable prize, ‘Let’s be millionaire’ (Cung La Ty Phu) program is highly assessed by its educational character through the transmission, the reminder of helpful knowledge to the player.


The most outstanding thing, which contributes in creating the reputation of Let’s Viet in particular and Lasta Multimedia in general in these past years, is its pioneer performance of activities for the community sake. Let’s Viet continuously marks its good impression in compassionate, meaningful programs giving positive effects on social results such as Freedom game, Golden Bell or recently Dream bridge etc. These programs are organizing and broadcasting regularly, help poor residents living in the country experience joyful games and partly relieve their misery and tiredness and help them get opportunity to change their lives, improve their living quality and hope for a bright future simultaneously.

By confidence and sound resources, Let’s Viet will continue and strive to conquer new ways, to offer the audiences films, entertaining programs that are increasingly special and attractive. At the same time, it will maintain and assert its position of a leading TV channel in honoring the pure Vietnamese culture.

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