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One more hardy life
26.08.2015 | 10:00
Husband had suddently died, left the old father and three small children, Nguyen Thi Thuy (Tien Ngoai ward, Duy Tien, Ha Nam province) had to work and bring up a whole family by herself. Although she has experienced bitterness and tears have fallen, with the strength of mother, she never stops efforts to pass her destination and spends her hopes in tomorrow.  

Thuy and her children live in a small house in bad condition. She never denies any jobs to bring up her children. In the harvest, she is hired to crop and out of the harvest, she works as a nomadic masonry, but her income is still uncertain.

Loving daughter-in-law and grandchildren, husband’s father lived and lean on each other to pass the poor life. Not becoming a burden, he works in field no matter sunlight or rain in morning and then catch crabs and snails in the afternoon for family meal.

After finishing 11 grade, Ving - Thuy’s eldest son - stop studying to work for helping mother. Although he is an excellent student every year, he has to stop dreams because of family condition. 

Despite hardy life, Thuy has ever stopped efforts, collected money to pay debt and helping her children continue studying. Despite sickness, she has not wasted money to examine. The most Thuy’s worry is how children future be when she is weaker.

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