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Trái tim hận thù
Trái tim hận thù
22:30 | Hàng ngày
After “Cuộc đời nghiệt ngã”, “South America film time - Giờ phim Nam Mỹ” (at 5:00PM everyday) continues introducing to Let’s Viet’s audiences other perfect Brazil film: “Trái tim hận thù” - a “classic” film broadcasting in more 130 countries. Film talk about revenge journey of Rita - a girl has an unfortunate childhood made by iniquity of her step mother - Carminha.  

Ngày phát 01.4.2017
Đạo diễn
Diễn viên
Quốc gia Brazil
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Because of the suddent death of her father (killed by Carminha and her lover), Rita was gotten rid of home and taken to slum by them. Being lonely and lost in this world, Rita became “delicious bait” for labor exploiters of children. Thanks to Lucinda - a kind women - help, cover and protect, Rita luckily have a short peaceful days. In this moment, Rita met Batata - her pure and innocent first love.

One day, Rita was adopted by a kind family and escaped destitution. With new name - Nina, just imagine she can start a life full of joy, but the deep past hurt can not erase and prod her fiding ways to revenge. 

About Carminha, with “high hand” quackery, she not only get married Tufao - a former rich player - to step on rich house, she also set up for her lover to marry the her sister-in-law to be easy to pass by and do new plots.

After inquiring Carminha’s current life, Nina starts first steps of revenge plan: disguising a cook and working for Tufao family. Step by step to approach and stare at enemy, she make Carminha crazy with delicated harassment actions and psychological abuse.

When every thing happens like she expected, Nina accidentally discoveres Jorginho - Carminha’s son is Batata. The full of hatred heart maybe be revived the love light. Right after Nina wants to give up the plan, Jorginho is ready to get married with current lover, Carminha detects Nina is Rita...

“Trái tim hận thù” will broadcast at 05:00 every day from September 18th, 2015 on Let’s Viet Channel.

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