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Lời nguyền tình yêu
Lời nguyền tình yêu
18:30 | Hàng ngày
Killed by a crazy love guy, Choeung became a wander ghost in Daralay theater. With the hatred, Choeung finds many ways to revenge that men. Guilties was more and more numerous when she killed lots of people, her spirit couldn’t be salvation...

Ngày phát 21.11.2017
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Choeung and Korn - son of owner’s Daralay theater - deeply love each other. Before studying abroad, Korn intented to marry Choeung. Knowing that, Thay - Choeung’s best friend - discussed with Praew - an evil women loves Korn - to make a plan to destroy. Thay raped Choeung but she stiffly resisted so he accidentally killed her.

Thay and Preaw hid Choeung’s body behind the theater. At the same time, Daralay was burned and it made Korn’s died of shock. While caring for funeral of mother, Korn found out the disappearance of Choeung and was disappointed. Korn decided to close Daralay and study abroad for forgetting every thing. 

The theater was bought to transfer it into a hotel by Nara - young business women. However, when she came to Daralay, Nara and Priu - psychic - to feel the invisible power. With a special ability, Priu discoverd that was Choeung spirit. Following many days, Nara and Priu knew that spirit always sticked close on Thay - has been a success man and wooed Priu. Nara and Priu determined to know the truth...

About Korn, he still misses Choeung. After going back to Thailand, he was arranged the marriage with Praew but he was cool with her. However, Praew determined to have him, she hired Pu - evil psychic - to enchant Korn. After that, Praew discoverd that Choeung spirit exist and always be with Korn and he decied to decimate Choeung.

Preaw action liked “fuel to the fire”, made Choeung been more wicked and ruthless. Choeung killed Pu and Praew and imported to Priu body for killinf but she failed... 

Lời nguyền tình yêu” is broadcasted at 06:30 PM every day from November 21th, 2017 on Let’s Viet Channel.

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