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Kiêu hãnh và định kiến
Kiêu hãnh và định kiến
12:00 | Hàng ngày
After a death of brother, Han Yoel Moo determined to become a talent prosecutor. With non-stop efforts, she could be a trainee in Department of Center Police. However, Yeol Moo “ran into” Koo Dong Chi - the enemy in 5 years... 

Ngày phát 16.12.2017
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Dong Chi became “benefactor” of Han Yeol Moo after helping her on street. “First sight love”, young man made approaches to Yeol Moo. The game was end in the last date because she knew Dong Chi was hiring “something” so she quitely left.

Coming back to her life, with the dream to be a prosecutor, Yeol Moo tried hard to study in university. Graduating University of Law, Yeol was a trainee in Department of Center Police. In the first working day, she mett Koo Dong Chi - her boss - Yeol Moo was too surprised.

The more she is confident, the more she shows “holes” in profession making Dong Chi blame. Different in opinion and action, their relationship is always in nervous state and make the prosecutor team been obstructed.  

For the general benefit, Dong Chi has to hold his pride and find many ways to heal with Yeol Moo. However, be a intolerant, she is determined hold her preconception for Dong Chi and current judicial system. Will Dong Chi “control” the perversity and theory of Yeol Moo.   

Beside Choi Jin Hyul plays Koo Dong Chi and Beak Jin Hee plays Han Yeol Moo, “Kiêu hãnh và định kiến” has attentdance of Choi Min Soo, Lee Tea Hwan, Son Chang Minh, Choi Woo Sik... The film made Jin Huyk and Jin Hee achieved “Impressive Actor and Actress” in MBC Drama Awards 2014.

Kiêu hãnh và định kiến” broadcasted at 12:00 every day on September 27, 2016 on Let’s Viet Channel.

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