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Golden Bell
Golden Bell
21:30 | Thứ 7 hàng tuần
Ngày phát 12/06/2011
Đạo diễn
Diễn viên DV Chí Trung, MC Thanh Thảo
Quốc gia Việt Nam
Thời lượng 45 phút
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Officially launched on 12/06/2011, up to now The Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang) program has been offering the confidence and hope to more than 936 households (2 cows/household) suffered from difficult situation at the countryside. The program connects kind-hearted sponsors who join to make gifts to 580 households (one cow/household) for the community’ sake.

In recent years, the cow-giving campaign to poor farmers was promoted by the Government, organizations and individuals; however, due to the lack of association between the performing units and the community as well as the transmission from mass media (illustrated magazine), its results and effects were limited The Golden Bell - Connecting every countryside program has earned reputation when being launched.

LASTA MULTIMEDIA has produced compassionate programs with a social significance. The program orients the audiences to the countryside where people living lives are still in many difficulties. The 45-minute program is aired weekly Sunday on VTV1 channel of Vietnam Television Station, Let’s Viet channel of VTC9 and the local Radio and Television in the whole country.

With the motto “giving a rod not a fish”, together with the local authority, each episode of Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang) program will investigate and select 06 households/communes having difficult situation to offer 12 cows under reproductive age (02 cows/households with weight from 145 – 150 kg /cow) and a sum of 1,250,000 dong/household to make stable and mating. Especially, instead of getting the cow transferred as as usual other sponsoring projects, the households are entirely possessing their own two cows/household from the program. This is a remarkable difference of Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang).

The households are verified carefully for selection and they must meet all criteria set by the program such as being poor household according to the national standard; having condition and ability of breeding; children of school age; having good record; being devoted to doing business and striving to over come the difficulties etc.

Concurrently they must willingly commit to breed the two cows offered by Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang) program until they give birth to a calf before selling, giving or offering them (two cows must always be maintained in a flock – sponsored contract. This contract aims at improving the awareness of household, helping them increase the production, maintain the stable income and gradually alleviate the poverty in a sustainable way.

Besides, the program has been offering one cow per household to several families encountering difficulties in the whole country. These are gifts from organizations, individuals, kind-hearted sponsors etc. when the program is broadcasted.

Until 30/06/2014, Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang) – Connecting every countryside program has come to 241 communes and offered 2.460 cows to 1.516 households in which 627 cows are pregnant and 373 calves born. The two third of households have physically and spiritually change. Especially, the half of households, which received the gift, has alleviated the poverty; several ones have built new house, paid tuition fees, bought bicycles etc. in addition, afforded their children to come to school. Even thanks to the calf sale, several households get more funds for additional work and increase their income. Not only contributing in “relieving hunger, alleviating poverty”, after three year of broadcasting, the Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang) program has also succeeded in propagating the human significance to all social classes, creating the positive effects on media that connects the city with the countryside, connects the compassion of people in the whole country. These positive results come from the joined effort of several units such as magazines, competent authorities, committees at localities and sponsors.

In the fourth season, Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang) program continues the journey to those who need a help however, and this year, it has more improvements in the form as well as contents of each episode, aiming at bringing a new face to the program. It includes firmly maintaining and developing the human value, increasing the entertainment factor to attract more viewers at the same time. We wish that all viewers would always support the Golden Bell (Luc Lac Vang)!

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